Early Child Contingency Learning promotes infant and toddler competence.

In this learning series, we’ll explore the types of games, experiences, and opportunities for engaging young children in interactions with adults and materials in ways that child learn the connection between their behavior or actions and the consequence of those behavior or actions.

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Early Child Contingency Learning: Module Transcript

1. Introduction

Early Child Contingency Learning: In this e-learning lesson we’ll examine the different types of games, experiences, and opportunities that help young children learn the connection between their behavior and its consequences.

2. Practice Illustrations

Strategies for Promoting Young Children’s Contingency Learning: In this e-learning lesson you’ll explore strategies for promoting young children’s awareness of the connection between their own actions and what happens in response.

Download: Early Child Contingency Learning Checklist

3. Implementation Activities

Mastering Early Contingency Learning Practices: In this e-learning lesson you’ll complete exercises involving the development and implementation of early child contingency learning games.