Naturalistic instructional strategies are informal teaching methods used with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in everyday activities.

In this learning series, we’ll outline the key characteristics of Naturalistic Instruction practices and the strategies for using them. We’ll provide authentic learner activities and opportunities for self-evaluation and student-guided mastery experiences.

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Naturalistic Instruction. Module Transcript

1. Introduction

Naturalistic Instruction for Engaging & Promoting Child Learning: In this e-learning lesson we’ll examine strategies adults can use to promote child engagement with materials and/or people, encourage child-initiated behavior, and support everyday child learning.

2. Practice Illustrations

Strategies for Implementing Naturalistic Instruction: In this e-learning lesson, we’ll illustrate the different practices that comprise Naturalistic Instruction.

Download: Naturalistic Instruction Practices Checklist

3. Implementation Activities

Mastering the Use of Naturalistic Instruction: In this e-learning lesson, you will have experiences identifying and applying naturalistic instruction practices in examples of real-life situations.