Interest-based child learning is a foundation of children’s learning and development. 

In this learning series, we’ll explore both situational and personal interests. We’ll explore the ways parents and other caregivers can use children’s interests as the basis for involving them in interactions with people and objects.

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Interest-Based Child Learning: Module Transcript

1. Introduction

Interest-Based Child Learning: In this e-learning lesson we’ll introduce you to the characteristics and consequences of using child interests as the basis for promoting child learning and development.

2. Practice Illustrations

Strategies for Promoting Young Children’s Interest-Based Learning: In this e-learning lesson we’ll take a deeper exploration of the characteristics of interest-based learning and strategies for identifying both child interests and interest-based activities.

Download: Interest-Based Child Learning Checklist

3. Implementation Activities

Mastering the Use of Interest-Based Child Learning Practices: In this e-learning lesson, we’ll present exercises to provide you with experiences identifying and using children’s interests to promote their learning.