Everyday Child Learning Activities are sources of a young child’s ability to be engaged in their learning and development.

In this learning series, we’ll explore everyday child learning activities that include the many different kinds of experiences children have as part of their everyday lives in and around their homes, in their communities, and in early childhood classroom settings.

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Everyday Child Learning Activities: Modules Transcript

1. Introduction

Everyday Child Learning Activities: In this e-learning lesson we’ll introduce you to key features of child learning activities for promoting child learning and development.

2. Practice Illustrations

Strategies for Engaging Young Children in Everyday Learning Activities: In this e-learning lesson you’ll learn about and see examples of particular strategies for using everyday learning.

Download: Everyday Learning Activities Checklist

3. Implementation Activities

Mastering the Use of Everyday Child Learning Activities: In this e-learning lesson you’ll have experiences identifying and selecting everyday activities best suited for child learning.